I’m Happy You Are Here.

rsz_1rsz_theresa_20121It’s a joy to meet you here on this page.  I wonder if you found yourself here because you and I are quite literally on the same page in life.

The same page that reads, ‘life is meant to be easy, filled with miracles and flow gently like a beautiful river in the quiet moments of stillness; and in days that are quite the contrary – we are still meant to be in the powerful flow of the river that has morphed into a breathtaking waterfall of adventure and the rush of just ‘being’, witnessing everything coming together perfectly and catapulting us forward into living our next dream.

Why is it we so often forget this amazing birthright, this whole purpose of being alive
and enjoying the magnificence of our being and all the beauty, miracles and wonder of life?
I don’t have that answer entirely.
rsz_1rsz_dorothyI just know that I’m often brought back to remembering again and again, especially
when those old (sometimes generations ‘old’!) untrue beliefs surface ‘kinking the hose’,
stopping the ease and flow.

rsz_1rsz_poppyThe magic that easily brings me back into the flow, & remembering – is receiving miraculous help that can erase the not-so-conscious beliefs tripping me up.

You can experience the same grace and ease of change, no matter what you are wanting to have different in your life so that your life flows naturally too. It’s possible to relax into moments and trust the process of your life, becoming the magnificent unfolding of your heart desires.

How do I know this?
Because it’s been my journey.  The innate knowing life was meant to be joyful,  rsz_1dorothyharmonious and easy, (even though I wasn’t experiencing life in that way), kept motivating me to ask until I received, knock until the answer opened up.  Along the way, I found the work of Jo Dunning, a remarkable healer and teacher whose presence rang true and miracles followed.

My life, and how I feel inside, is completely different from the time I first experienced Jo’s work until now.  Fear used to run me, what other people thought made most of my decisions, a ‘helicopter mom’ syndrome stole many nights filled with worry, guilt and ‘what if’ stories, and at one point it seemed everything in our life fell apart.

rsz_1rsz_poppyI’m not going to tell you overnight everything transformed, because it didn’t.  It’s been a natural process, so natural and easy it often takes looking back and noticing where you are now, kind of like pencil marks we make on the wall as our kids grow.

Here are a few of the ‘change marks’ on my wall.  I now enjoy a deep inner peace and my life is in harmony.  My loving and beautiful relationship with my husband deepens as time goes on (at one time we were not together), our bank accounts have a continual flow of great income (at one time they didn’t), I trust the process of life most of the time and when I waver I still feel a deep sense ‘everything is going to be okay’.  I feel safe and I know my own answers and I can gracefully stand in the truth of what’s accurate for me.  I don’t have to try and change other people to conform to my beliefs anymore; acceptance is so much easier. I’m kinder and more compassionate to myself.

And, I do what I love, and love what I do…
and what I love most is sharing this powerful energy-clearing work with others so your life can significantly change too.

rsz_1rsz_poppy“Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue, And the dreams that you dare to dream really do….come true”. Wizard of Oz

Where Will You Be
3-months from NOW?

…on the
Yellow Brick Road of your life.

This is an invitation to relax, imagine and dare to dream

  • how do you want to feel inside ?-
  • what do you want your life to begin to look like ? –
  • how vibrant and healthy do you want to be? –

Then, if You Are Ready  –

  • for life to flow
  • to change things you’d like different
  • experience a new way of being
  • for miracles

rsz_1rsz_poppyLet’s BEgin!!
I’ve created a 90-day program designed for flow, and a new ease in your life that can open doors to more joy, peace, success, greater insights & your own inner wisdom so that in 90 days you are flourishing.

Expect miracles, they are everywhere.

shaanenTheresa, you are a gifted energy healer and a powerful intuitive.  Working with you helps me to access an entirely different plane of creativity and knowingness.  I completely trust your intuitive hits and find them to be a guiding light in our work together.  You always inspire me to honor myself and my own wisdom and that helps me to bring my best work out into this world.  I am so grateful that I get the opportunity to experience your gifts first hand and the incredible impact that has had on my life both professionally and personally.”
Shaanen Cross, Love Coach 

A Little About this 90-Day Journey Together…
I don’t know where you are in your life, and it just doesn’t matter because wherever that is – I meet you there.  We start where you are, and there’s no better place to be than where you are now.  You needed to be here at this perfect place, where you are standing right now, in order to take your next step to where you want to go.

This Inclusive, Life-Changing
Program includes:
*NOTE:  This is a personal, one-on-one program – this is NOT a group program

Half-day Private retreat with Theresa (either virtual or in person)
This is where we begin. Where we connect heart to heart, acknowledge your magnificence and courage, notice beliefs that might be in your way and implement simple steps to new easy patterns of success. **(NOTE: half-day Private Retreat may be exchanged for 3 Bonus, Advanced-Pulse Sessions.)

9- Advanced-Pulse Energy Clearing Sessions
(powerful energy clearing technique developed by Jo Dunning)
These one hour sessions are the catalyst to help change the things you’d like different in your life, so that you begin to experience wonderful possibilities and in 3 months you look back in awe.
We meet every 10 days via phone and you bring to the call (session) whatever is bothering you, that you don’t like experiencing and you’d like different – the work begins, and it is simple, powerful and miraculous.

Personal email access
For the days in-between that you might waver & need a touchstone. I am here for you
with a hand-up and a brief note of encouragement.

ERin “Being legally blind, I was shocked to wake up after just one advanced-pulse session and see out of my right eye again, not perfectly but I can see the left side now. Theresa, you don’t know what that means to me.  Also, later on in the week an incident happened that normally would have really triggered me into an old story and old responses. I was so surprised how neutral I was, like it didn’t even bother me. I feel so much lighter.”
Erin Crutcher

rsz_1dorothyIf Your Heart is Calling You
and you’d love 3-months of continual support –
– this feels like your next step, 

email me at: theresa@theresagooch.com.
We’ll schedule a call to answer questions and be sure this is a great fit for us both, and then if it is, we’ll get started right away!

There’s 2 easy payment options rsz_1rsz_poppy
Option 1:  Three monthly payments of $333
Option 2:  One payment of $999

Register Below:

Complete Program $ 999

Partial Payments: $ 333 times 3